What batteries do I need?

To find out what batteries your brand new favorite sex toy needs, go to the product page and look for the ‘Power and Speed’ section.

‘Power’ tells you what type of power the sex toy uses. If it is a battery-powered toy, you’ll see whether batteries are included with the toy e.g. Batteries (not included).

‘Requires’ tells you how many batteries the toy needs and what type they are e.g. 3 x AA.

AAA Batteries

Look like an AA battery, but slimmer. They are often found in slimmer models, or where the sex toy battery compartment is not as chunky.

LR44 Batteries

Small watch-style batteries that are used in a large number of toys, mainly in bullet vibrators or cock rings that need to pack a punch in a small space. Confusingly, they have a lot of different names, including: AG13, SG13, GVN-L1154, L1154, LR1154, LR154, A76, S76,157, 303, 357. We always call them LR44 batteries.

LR54 Batteries

Small watch-style batteries that are used in some of our cock rings and bullets. They also have a lot of different names, including: AG10, LR1130, LR1131, 189, 387, 389, 390. We always call them LR54 batteries.

LR41 Batteries

Small watch-style batteries, and they are absolutely tiny! Blink and you’ll miss ’em. They also have a lot of different names, including: AG3, G3-A SG3, LR736, 192, 384, 392. We always call them LR41 batteries.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in sex toys?

Rechargeable batteries are usually slightly bigger than regular batteries, meaning that they’re more likely to get stuck or jammed in your favorite vibe. Also, rechargeable batteries tend to produce less power, meaning not only will you experience weaker vibrations but you’re more likely to run out of power at the critical moment! Of course, if you want to do away with batteries altogether then check out our USB Rechargeable Toys.

How to get the most out of battery powered sex toys

1. Always make sure your batteries are fresh – there’s nothing worse than a vibrator losing its power when you’re on the verge of orgasm, so try not to steal batteries from remote controls!

2. Always take the batteries out of your vibrator when you have finished using it. They’ll last longer that way.

3. Make sure the metal contact points in your vibrator are connecting with the ends of your batteries. Don’t be afraid to twizzle the batteries around to make the connection!

4. If your vibrator won’t start, make sure you have inserted the batteries correctly. If you’re not sure, try them the other way around and in every combination, just in case. If you’re still having problems, find the product on and check for any special instructions.

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