Ben Wa Balls


Ben Wa Balls

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Some say tighter is better? Some like it as tight as a camels? ass in a sandstorm? So, buy these Ben Wa Balls and tighten up. Realistically, there?s nothing you can do to ?tighten? your vagina because it didn?t get loose in the first place. That?s a nasty concept that was created to keep women from sleeping with multiple partners way back in the day when ladies were still property. Unfortunately, it?s one concept that has somehow transcended the ages. Ben Wa Balls are designed to be inserted vaginally for improved pelvic floor muscle toning. They prevent and/or reduce incontinence (dribbling urine when you laugh, sneeze or dance) if you use them regularly. They also improve the intensity of your orgasm as toned muscles are stronger and orgasm involves muscle contractions! Buy Now, Cum Harder Later! AdoreOrgasms SHIPS from the USA!

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